Our Work

  1. Automated System Documentation 
    • Automated Data Flow Diagrams
    • Program Description
    • ERD diagrams
  2. Remote Database Monitoring 
    • Remote DBA for SQL databases
    • Comprehensive Change Management Monitoring
    • Software Configuration Management
  3. Customized Mobile interfaces for Legacy systems
    • Find Route and Guide Field workers for most effective route for any functions (e.g. Outstanding Collection, Help & Recovery, Disaster Management)
    • Utilization of Camera, GPS, Messaging for field reporting
    • Two-factor authentication for security
    • Field data collection using rich UI and effective ergonomics
  4. Disaster Recovery Planning  and Management Tools (Development and Deployment) 
    • Build Volunteer Database over an  interactive voice response system
    • Automated Volunteer Management at the time of emergency through voice interactive system on Mobile Phones
    • 911-Management type functionality for House Owners Association in emergency response time
  5. Data Conversion/ETL Turnkey projects
    • Bridging technologies ranging from IBM Legacy system to web
    • Unstructured files/DB2/Excel to SQL/Oracle databases
    • COBOL/DATABUS/DBC/ABAP to TSQL/VB/Java/Web technologies.
    • For State Govt. agencies, Manufacturing and Utility Companies
    • Used for Y2K, Software Configuration management and Legacy-to-Web interfaces
  6. System Audits
    • Certified Information System Auditors
  7.  TeleMedicine
    • Business Efficiency Services is currently engaged in setting up TeleMedicines units to provide medical care for villagers in East Medinipore, West Bengal, India


Leveraging technology