Our Work

  1. GenDoc ( automated document generation system)
    • Generate automated Data Flow Diagrams, ERD diagrams
    • Generate mapping of forms data with database elements
  2.  CATS – Mobile based messaging system for 
    • CATS is the core messaging engine used for building many useful services
      • Small group Messaging (both voice and sms) with acknowledgments
      • Scheduling appointments with voice/sms
      • Attendance recording and analysis over voice and sms
      • Collecting selected Take-Home slides, whiteboard drawing from any presentation
      • Managing  Opinion Polls and instant analysis of results
      • Managing an Question-Answer session and instant grading
      • Connection to Moodle and Banner
      • As a replacement of scantrons for automated grading
      • As a public alert recording and distribution system
      • As one-to-many messaging in emergency
      • Customization of CATS engine for any other application available at a fee. please contact us
  3. DARTS  (Disaster Recovery Planning  and Management Tools)
    • DARTS is based on CATS messaging engine
    • Builds volunteer database with hierarchy simply over interactive voice response system
    • Volunteer Management in emergency through voice interactive workflow system
    • 911-Management type functionality for House Owners Association in emergency response time
  4.  BES-T (Business Efficiency Services’ TeleMedicine kit)
    • Business Efficiency Services is currently engaged in setting up TeleMedicine units with CATS messaging and DARTS to provide medical care for villagers in East Medinipur, West Bengal, India


All above software services requires subscription for usage. For subscribing please click here

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